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Things to avoid when writing challenges
48 votes

Don't allow / ask for different things in languages with different capabilities Don't write specs like "Do X. If your language doesn't support X, you can do Y instead". Examples are: Do some math in ...

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Multiple functions used for solving a question?
12 votes

Single function call The answer must provide a single function to call, i.e. the h(x)=f(g(x)) case, otherwise it would outsource the function composition f(g(x)) to the caller. It also prevents ...

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What is a list?
10 votes

A list is a container in which the elements are in order "In order" means, that there's a first element, which has a successor element, which also has a successor element and so on. If the list is ...

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Who has the final say on a challenge?
0 votes

As long as the post is signed with the OP's name: the OP Maybe it sounds a bit harsh, but I don't want to see my (user)name in prominent position under any post that I don't agree with. Yes, on ...

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