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Untyped functions in static languages
18 votes

TL;DR: Lambdas should not require their types. I think that the lambdas shouldn't require types. A lambda does not need the type to be specified when you assign it to the function. For example, in C#:...

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Byte count for named, recursive lambda expressions in C# answers
3 votes

If a lambda is to be called it should show what it is assigned to, so the following: f=<args>=><someRecursiveWork> If we view the code needing to compile this it looks like the ...

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How transitive are Duplicates?
2 votes

In this particular case it seems that "New" is an edit of "Closed" that would invalidate most of the current answers in "Closed". In this case it makes sense to post a new question but add a ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges
1 votes

The Mode of an Image fastest-code image-processing Given an image as input, output it's mode; that is the colour that appears most in it. However, I am on a tight schedule and so need this code to ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges
0 votes

Create The Correct Path Which would be better code golf with shortest code and being able to run on at least two operating systems or code challenge and scoring by how many operating systems it can ...

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