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I am absolutely opposed to the grift of using neural networks and other machine learning methods, which happen to do well on the problem of natural language processing, to pretend they can produce information which is accurate or unbiased. The practice of using a technique poorly-understood by the layperson as a "competitive advantage" or "potential to increase engagement" or "accelerator of the future" is pseudoscientific, fundamentally disingenuous, and ignorant.

If you are reading this and disagree with any of the above, never contact me.

I currently work as a software architect for BMW Car IT, developing a Linux-based software platform for automotive ECUs. In the past, I've worked as a security researcher for IO Active, building 3G/LTE gateways with Nokia Networks, and as a R&D engineer for FORTH and HNDGS. My interests include mobile technologies, kernel programming, parallel and distributed systems, systems and information security and reverse engineering. I like automating work, and solving tangible problems with real-world impact.

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