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How can we help users who are put off by the use of golfing languages?
19 votes

For me I joined because it is fun. I spend all day writing readable code and sometimes it's nice to write something just because I can. I have no problems with golfing languages. The shortest code ...

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How do I get better at writing questions?
1 votes

I would agree with all of the sandbox suggestions and would add to leave your challenge there until there is at least some feedback. May be 2 days or may be a month. There is no rush to put the ...

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What is happening to PPCG?
1 votes

OK, so with 13 upvotes and a fair few comments this seems to be a question that has attracted some attention so maybe I can now clarify what I am thinking with the benefit of what you guys have said ...

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When to allow flexible input/output
1 votes

In my humble opinion, if the main point of the challenge is not about input format (e.g. "read from an xml file") then I don't see much point in specifying the format. Most good challenges are really ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges
-1 votes

How many ACus do I have? Posted to main

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We Have a Messy Sandbox - Follow Up
-1 votes

Sure many will not agree but why not just delete everything that has not been edited in the last 6 months. That gives plenty of time for people to discover old, abandoned gems and will also get rid of ...

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A subtitle for our site name
-3 votes

Do we need the "&" or "and"? How about Code Golf Programming Puzzles and Challenges or Code Golf Coding Puzzles and Challenges Personally I prefer the first one but that's ...

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How could the search bar's placeholder text be improved?
-4 votes

Search PPCG While some may argue that PPCG may not be understood by all visitors, I have seen it used many times in comments to welcome new users (usually with a recommendation to use the Sandbox!) ...

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