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Computer Scientist, Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast.

9th algorithm gold badge holder.

Write every post as if to help a million people (or at least a few thousand).

Free online courses!

Don't try to show appreciation by upvoting many posts by a user

A simple english Wikipedia

Regex explainer

Area51 is for new Stack Exchange site proposals

Random Meta posts

The "should I answer this" checklist:

  • Does this question adhere to the site rules?
  • Has no version of this question ever been asked before?
  • Does it seem plausible that others may have the same question in future?
  • Will (at least some of) those people be able to find this question?
  • Will I be able to answer in a way that helps those people?
  • Will my answer teach the asker something instead of just solving their immediate problem and leaving them unable to figure out how to solve the same issue the next time they get it?
  • Does the question seem well-intentioned?
  • How do I write a good answer to a question?

Stack Overflow...

Asking tips:

Other tips:

  • Be kind
  • Format properly
  • Don't down-vote minor issues like minor syntax errors you can easily fix yourself. When downvoting answers, preferably comment and don't leave straight away: give some time for it to be fixed
  • Don't robo-approve in review

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We respect a laser-like focus on one topic.

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