Pritesh K.

Hi, I am a Python and JavaScript Full-Stack developer.

Ever since I have written and executed my first python program, I am hooked to software developing. I have been fascinated with the idea of solving practical problems with coding.

As my first job, I joined as Technical support team member. I was first introduced to Python in my college time and already leaned toward it. It really blew me away as I learned the capabilities of the coding. After joining the support team and my curiousness toward programming, Company has put me through Python training and Since then, I have never looked back.

Python was my first engagement in the Developer world. As I started working on a Flask based project, I quickly learned that only Python was not enough. After that, my curious nature drew me toward the gigantic world of JavaScript. I started learning JavaScript from FreeCodeCamp with Responsive web designing. This is the things that keep me going for hours.

Skills/Interest: Python(Algorithms, Flask, Django), JavaScript, Node.js, React, Gatsby.js, Vue, CSS, HTML, SQL

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