I'm not very clever, but I'm eager to answer. I try to post an answer to every challenge that I can answer.

Λ̸̸ is for new. Pretend I'm a new user. :)

My pronouns: They/Their/Theirs

Preferred practical languages

You might be surprised that I don't really like writing in Python.

  • Erlang, a fast & simple functional language that doesn't have a package as large as 1GB. Functional languages are always very concise. Even Erlang isn't an exception with its verbose syntax.
  • io, a fast language with a very clean syntax (I use it to draft my ideas). It also has lots of useful built-ins, so if you won't use Mathematica, Io is the language for you!

Analysis of the languages I like/hope to code in

When I get enough rep, I plan to create an unbounded bounty analogous to the APL bounty. Of course, I'm trying to pick the golfiest unpopular practical language.

Language | ELO Score | # of Answers
  APL    |   1292    |     3390
 REBOL   |   1010    |     199
 Forth   |    876    |     498
  Tcl    |   843.5   |     665
 Erlang  |    768    |     110
 Factor  |    747    |     1692
 Prolog  |    699    |     399

Some esoteric languages I'm using

  • 05AB1E, a stack language with very powerful generalized built-ins that allow you to build any program in a small amount of bytes. It's also outstandingly easy to pick up, learn and use.
  • Husk, the most advanced golfing language so far. It has powerful support for lazy evaluation, and a lot of revolutionary looping structures that make writing programs a lot easier.

Also Jelly, Pyth, GolfScript, CJam, Keg (sometimes). Yep, all of them are golfing languages.

Languages I'm making/made

  • tq, which allows you to index your lists during definition.
  • W, a stack-based language that does not involve the concept of modifyable accumulators.
  • NST, a lazy-evaluated language inspired by the Naive Set Theory.

Challenges I like

Evidently I've already answered all of my favorite challenges.


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