I'm writing a challenge, and I'm not sure what possible winning criteria exist. I know about , but what else is there to use, and how do I score answers with those criteria?

Every single question on this site should have at least one of the following tags. Those without will be closed. This search query lists all challenges without a winning-criterion tag.


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  • : Challenge with limited amounts of commands available, where the answer that uses the fewest wins.

  • : The answer who gets the largest value of a certain computation model property wins, subject to the constraint that it must halt.

  • : Answer with the highest score (typically length) wins. Answers usually have to follow some form of constraint to prevent them from being infinitely larger.

  • : Challenge with a specific scoring system, that isn't covered by any other tag.

  • : The shortest code, typically in each language, wins.

  • : The aim is to get a score, usually length, closest to a specific value.

  • : Challenge covering 2 sub-challenges, where one's target is to solve a problem, and the second's is to find a hole in the first.

  • : The winner is determined by the runtime performance of the code, normally all timed on the same computer, such as the challenge author's. This often requires answers to be in freely available languages. Sometimes scored by the ratio of speed to a reference program (example). This allows the answerers to run the code themselves.

  • : Challenge where submissions interact with and compete against each other in a form of a game, with the winner decided by the submission that does the best in the competition.

  • : Metagolf challenges are scored on the length of the output of a metaprogram. Metaprograms produce a program that, when run, completes a specified challenge.

  • : The answer with the highest net score (upvotes minus downvotes) is the winner. Popularity contests are generally discouraged, due to the subjective nature of voting.

  • : Answers aim to prove a provided statement in the fewest number of steps, using only the axioms included in the challenge.

  • : The submission that uses the most languages to complete a task (often in a ) wins.

  • : A scoring criterion where the scoring mechanism and the task required are the same. This means that if you pass your program to itself as input it should give you its score.

Tags for non-challenge questions:

  • : Question asking for tips on a specific piece of code, to make it a better answer to a programming challenge, or general "Tips for golfing in <language>" questions.

  • : Question about writing programming related challenges, not necessarily for CGCC.

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