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For questions relating to the answer chaining type of challenge. [answer-chaining] challenges should be asked on main, not here

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What answer-chaining scoring criteria promote collaboration?

I have an answer-chaining question in the sandbox, but I still haven't come up with a winning criterion. What scoring criteria are there for answer-chaining questions that encourage users to ...
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Questions with an objective win criterion, but no strategy to achieve it

The Answer-Chaining Fibonacci and One OEIS after another challenges have quite a curious win condition. Quoting the former: Winning The winner of the challenge will be the person who posted the ...
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Sort answer chaining questions by newest by default [duplicate]

answer-chaining-tagged questions should be sorted newest to oldest by default. It is disorienting to see them out of order because they are sorted highest to lowest votes. Agreed?
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Can I give someone else my answer for a Answer chaining question?

It has been my goal for a while to make a Brain-Flak answer on this question. As of post we are 30 characters away from achieving this (15 are allowed per post). I have developed an answer that will ...
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