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List of bounties with no deadline

This is a list of unofficial, deadline-less (hence not searchable) bounties offered by users on various challenges on the main site. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the user will award the ...
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Nominations for Language of the Month, Take 2

We've decided to revive the Language of the Month event. We've also decided to start a new post for nominations. (You can see the old nominations post here.) So let's get to nominating! Procedure A ...
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Golfing Class of a language

I feel like we may have enough data on this site to meaningfully break programming languages into classes. What I mean by classes is akin to Go's ranking system: If a player can win 90% of even games ...
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How to determine the length of a Piet program?

I noticed that Piet is not mentioned in the How to count bytes FAQ. How should we determine the length of a piet program?
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What are our specific abbreviations and terms?

Newcomers to codegolf.SE are often compelled to ask what many of our abbreviations and terms mean. Let us list them here so this information always will be easily available. Return to FAQ index
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Chat Event: Learn-a-lang

Advertisement Been pushing off learning that one lang for too long? Maybe it doesn't qualify for LotM status? Then [name pending] is for you! This is perfect for languages which are too popular for ...
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Should we let Vyxal Bot into TNB when Vyxal is the LYAL

Context: Given that Vyxal is roughly under a month away from being selected for LYAL (at the time of posting, my calculations place it as being 1-2 LYALs away), I figured I'd write this so it can ...
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Language of the Month for August 2022: Knight

In accordance with our meta agreement, since one candidate received more votes than the others, we have a new featured language! Throughout August 2022, our Language of the Month will be: Knight ...
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Fix the dead LYAL

Like last time, LYAL is dead. Source. As documented here, there were no LYALs for 6 weeks. I agree with what caird says: If people aren't engaging with an event anymore, the proper thing to do is let ...
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Do we want to delete a LYAL nomination after learning the lang?

Currently, Language nominations for the "Learn You a Lang for Great Good" chat event, if they get chosen, are subsequently edited to mention that this language was learned on such-and-such a ...
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Language of the month for January 2021: Scala

In accordance with our meta agreement, since one candidate received more votes than the others, we have a new featured language! Throughout January 2021, our Language of the Month will be: Scala ...
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Make each language's official [tips] page look more like the LYAL and LOTM templates?

The nomination posts for Learn You a Lang for Great Good (LYAL) and Language of the Month (LOTM) have a lot of good resources about most languages posted. This provides a very solid starting point for ...
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