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For questions about code golf challenges and/or submissions. DO NOT post code golf challenges themselves as questions here; those belong on the main site or in the Sandbox if you want to get feedback on them.

Including this tag in your question indicates that your question is specific to . You should not post challenges or challenge proposals to Meta using this tag. Those belong either on CGCC Main or in the Sandbox.

Use this tag if your question is specific to challenges which use a scoring criteria involving reducing the bytes or characters used in answers. If your question could apply to other scoring criteria but is most common for challenges, see if another tag fits your question better (such as or )

Typical questions with this tag ask about:

  • Clarifications on how to count bytes under a specific circumstance
  • Clarifications or questions about golfing languages (that is, languages specifically designed for short code, such as GolfScript, CJam or Jelly)
  • Clarifications about how code golf and similar scoring systems work