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Questions about moderation of this site, including the site moderation tools, policies on moderation and specific moderating actions taken by users

Use this tag for questions that relate to site moderation. Note that any user with 15 rep or more may contribute towards moderating the site, not just the site's diamond moderators.

Questions with this tag typically discuss one or more of the following:

  • The site moderation tools and how to use them (for example, close voting, the review queues, protecting questions etc.)
  • The site's current policies on moderation, such as the chat moderation policy
  • Why a specific action (such as closing a question or deleting a post) was taken by a user. In this case, please:
    • Be nice. Stack Exchange's #1 rule still applies here. Frame your question in a respectful way, and try to make an attempt to learn from the answers you receive. Don't call users names, get angry with them or anything else that someone might consider rude. Remember: moderation actions are not personal
    • keep in mind, the user(s) in question is under no obligation to respond. Some users may not see the post, others may not want to answer it. Don't harass these (e.g. pinging in chat) to answer your question. If the user in question doesn't respond, others very well might.
    • remember, you are not always in the right. A user may have abused their moderation powers in regard to your post, or they may not have. Just because you think the user has (or even just want to understand why) does not mean that's the case.

This tag may overlap with the similar tag. When applying either tag to your question, ask yourself if your question applies specifically to the diamond moderators, or if it applies to any user with moderation powers. For example, only diamond moderators can handle flags, so a question about why a flag was handled in a specific way would be tagged , whereas asking why a question was closed would be tagged